Páls Høll invites you to a wide range of events and facilities.

50 m. swimmingpool
The large 50 m . swimmingpool is 50 m. long and 16 m .wide, with 6 lanes. The pool is app 28 degrees celcius.

The dept is from 1,05 m. til 1,80 m. The shallow end is an area of 16 m. x 16 m. with a dept of 1,05 m. From the 16 m. mark the pool is deeper, sloping down to 1,80 m. at the 25. m. mark, giving the opportunity to have a 25 m. pool with 1,80 m. dept.

Children’s pool
The children’s pool os 0,40 m. deep. The pool is 4 m. x 6 m. and is 32,5 degrees celcius. The pool is for small children with parents.

In the wellness-center there are two saunas (one for men and one for women). A steambath and a hot tub. There are also two massage-rooms and we have a great team of terapists available.

Páls Høll also facilitates a good fitness-center, which is runned by Vælveru Fitness.